March 15, 2018 — By Wendy Sachs

So, a new baby is ready to arrive  any day now. You may think you have everything covered but there are 3 things are often forgotten.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

It seems like it may be too early to focus on this but before you know it, the time will come where baby-proofing is necessary but everyone will be too busy!  Sometimes that means baby-proofing happens later than it should.  Instead of waiting for your infant to become more mobile and independent, it’s strongly recommended that you baby-proof your home before the birth. Consider your home from a baby’s eye-level and vantage point. Did you block your electrical outlets and cover any sharp furniture edges? Have the harmful chemicals under your kitchen sink been moved up high? Are the staircases shielded with baby gates?

Deep Cleaning the “Red Zones”

An infant’s immune system is  vulnerable to germs and diseases. So, prior to the baby’s arrival, a thorough cleaning of the home should take place, while paying the closest attention to so-called “red zones”. A red zone is essentially a high-traffic or often-used area of the home that’s susceptible to dirt or grime, like light switches and doorknobs.

Preserving Space for Yourself

Baby mania can sweep through the entire home! It’s vital to preserve a bit of personal space for parents. Resist the urge to use the master bedroom as a storage closet for baby gear. Instead, make room in other spaces by reorganizing storage closets, basement spaces and kitchen cabinets.

Once the baby is here, finding time and energy to focus on some of these things can be stressful.  Preparing ahead of time will give you time for relaxing and enjoying every waking moment of the new arrival!