Private or Nanny Educators

Personalized learning for one or more families.

These educators available to provide in-home academic teaching and support for your children or a "learning pod" comprised of multiple families. From a wide range of experiences in teaching, our nanny educators can be a perfect complement for the semester or school year while class time remains both in person and remote.

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Nanny Educators, Private Tutors under Nanny Agencies

Learning Pods

Small groups for coordinated learning support

While some schools are 100% remote and others are using a hybrid model, we provide a nanny educator or private educator to coordinate, oversee and enrich academics in a parent-created learning pod. Adhering to the class curriculum, the group maintains the level of learning expected whether in or out of the classroom.

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E-Learning Aides

The focused attention your child needs.

To help your student stay on track, on task and reduce your stress load, eLearning Aides "zoom" with your student. Organization, time management and accountability are the pieces that can help any student stay in step. With focused attention, we build academic confidence while students are integrating virtual classroom learning.

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Child doing homework

Homework Helpers and Tutors

Helping to boost academic performance.

Sometimes your child needs extra help in just a certain subject. Other times, it’s more about strategies to boost academic performance such as learning more productive study skills. Whether it’s preparing for a specific test, maintaining stellar grades, or simply learning new study tactics, our tutors can elevate the student in your child.

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Back to school. A desk with supplies: pencils, notepad, eraser.

“I was amazed at your promptness in responding to my request. I was specific in my requirements and was happy to find that you had someone for me to interview almost immediately. Thank you again!”

Bryan H.