October 1, 2020 — By Wendy Sachs

Kids love costumes and candy. This is why usually October is fun and exciting. This year things may look different. Here are a few ideas of how to prepare children for Halloween 2020.

Start talking about how it may be different this year.

As soon as the costume shops open or the catalogs come to the house, kids start dreaming of the night when candy is easy to obtain and they get to be out late at night. But this year Halloween MAY be different. So manage expectations. You can say things like “what if we couldn’t trick or treat this year? How could we make Halloween fun?”

Check with your nanny family to make a plan.

Every family will have different levels of comfort with trick or treat or Halloween activities. Start the conversation early so that you can navigate the season together and with a united idea of what makes sense for everyone.

Be enthusiastic about the possibilities.

While it may be different, it doesn’t mean it is going to be sad. Having a candy scavenger hunt in the yard could be the most fun ever! Embracing the fun of new ideas yourself will help set the tone for everyone.

Know that kids this year may be more afraid than usual.

Some kids naturally are more timid in this season of goblins and ghouls. It will probably be even more so for kids who are stressed by virtual school and their unusual schedules. Be ready with extra support and patience. You can try reading a few books or watching a few shows and talk through what may trigger fears for kids.

Get kids involved in some creative plans.

Brainstorm ideas together and think outside the box. It is interesting that some kids will be focused on the candy and some the costumes. By listening to their ideas you can also focus your efforts to have fun on what is really important to them about the holiday.