July 12, 2017 — By Wendy Sachs

With many families embarking on summer vacation, a common question we hear is whether the nanny should come along or not. Some families may have already established arrangements for travelling with their nanny, but for those who haven’t done so before, we suggest considering both sides of the situation first. It may feel strange to have someone else join what is normally considered ‘family time’, and for nannies too, this might be an unfamiliar experience. To guarantee that your vacation remains conflict-free, consider these strategies to keep miscommunication and disagreements at bay.


Before heading off to your destination, families and nannies should sit down and discuss the schedule for the trip ahead as well as their expectations. For instance, some important questions to address include whether the nanny will stay in the same accommodations as the family or elsewhere. Additionally, what is the nanny’s expected role for when the family is together? Are there any activities you would prefer your nanny did not do with the kids, such as taking them on public transportation? By discussing these points prior to the trip instead of them arising while away, the possibility of any confusion in minimized.


Remember, one of the most necessary points while travelling is that the vacation is not a vacation for the nanny, but that it is still work. Therefore, families should cover all travel expenses on top of allowing for downtime for caregivers. Nannies should always act professionally and keep in mind that they are on the clock, not there on break. While they can expect for some time to enjoy themselves, the children remain the top priority for both parents and caregivers.
Vacation is meant to form lasting memories – any possible miscommunications between parents and nannies shouldn’t get in the way of that! After all, this is a vacation, both for you and the kids. Bringing a nanny along definitely frees parents up for spending some refreshing time alone for a date night or two. However, parents should recognize that children will expect to spend some quality time with their parents as well. That’s why one schedule we recommend is for the nanny to have off in the afternoons and work in the evenings, allowing for adult time, family time, and free time for the nanny. Overall, this gives everyone a chance to get the most out of vacation and appreciate those moments that make it such a special time!