Monday – Friday 12 noon – 8pm – $65,000 per year

Location: Montgomery County





Start:October 18, 2022

This family of 4  in Villanova is looking for a nanny/household assistant who they can count on being there to help run the household and be dedicated to caring for an almost 3 year old and 5 year old. While children are at school Nanny will run errands, grocery shop, prep dinner items, tidy up after the children, do the children’s laundry and then pick up children from school at 4pm.

Love to travel?  Great!  they need someone that can travel within the US  on vacations (typically a week in winter, a week in the summer and short trips during the year). Of course all expenses are paid and what is so nice about this job is that the nanny will be able to take at least 2.5 days of paid time off while on the vacations.

In addition to weekly pay, compensation includes 2 work weeks paid vacation, 2 paid personal/sick days, and 6 major holidays paid.