April 13, 2017 — By Wendy Sachs

One of the most important things we can do with kids is maintaining a sense of humor. Let’s be honest – kids don’t need parents directing or  “teaching” them all the time! Kids enjoy time with adults who are feeling young at heart – having fun and laughing with them! It’s important that we’re able to interact with kids at their level. Of course this doesn’t mean that we’re laughing at inappropriate things. And this doesn’t mean that we’re just goofing off all the time. We do need to maintain boundaries and we need to make sure we’re setting positive examples. But we also need to let loose and have fun, in order to meet kids where they are, connecting to and encouraging their playful side.

It’s definitely a balance – one that is constantly refined over stages and ages of kids. We never want to swing too far to either side. We never want to be so goofy and silly that kids don’t respect us or don’t see us a positive role models, and we never want to be so serious that kids don’t enjoy being with us. There’s a fine line. Thinking about maintaining a sense of humor and a spirit of playfulness helps to lighten stress or the monotony of routine.

It’s all about the multi-faceted relationship. There are times that a parent may ask, “How can I connect with this child on levels that doesn’t have to do with nagging?” Playfulness and laughing helps to make kids feel comfortable and accepted. We want to create a safe place for them to be who they are. Inviting that in allows them to flourish and grow. And, one way we can do that is by maintaining an appropriate sense of humor and youthful attitude.

So don’t forget to have a little fun!