December 28, 2015 — By Wendy Sachs

Every January, adults around the world set goals for the new year. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children can also take part in this global trend by working on resolutions relevant to their age group. Potential resolutions for your charge include:

Ages 3-5

  • Wash hands repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Put toys back where they belong when playtime is over.
  • Be nice to other children on the playground and in school.
  • Learn two new things each week.

Ages 6-12

  • Limit the amount of daily sugary drinks.
  • Learn a new sport or activity.
  • Find a balance between technology and outdoor play.
  • Make new friends.
  • Follow all home and school safety rules.

Ages 13-18

  • Eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables.
  • Find a healthy balance between online and face-to-face interaction.
  • Resist peer pressure.
  • Ask for help from adults when needed.
  • Treat people with respect.
  • If applicable, do not text and drive.

Now that you and your charge have your 2016 resolutions set, have fun motivating one another!

Happy New Year from PNN!