September 15, 2017 — By Wendy Sachs

In many households, bath time is a nightly ritual complete with rubber ducks, bubbles, and lots of splashing. Whether handled by caregivers or parents, bath time is a special activity, but with squirmy toddlers, can also be a worrisome situation. While most adults know never to leave a toddler alone in a tub or in the shower, there are many other bathroom safety tips to keep in mind. Maintaining a safe and comfortable water temperature, for example, is just the first of many.

When bathing children, it’s important to keep the area as safe as possible. This includes using rubber bath mats to make the tub less slippery and a cushioned spout cover to prevent any painful bumps. The water should never run when lowering your toddler into the tub — the temperature can change quickly, either scalding your toddler’s sensitive skin or freezing them. That’s why it is always preferred to stick with the 75 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit rule, which makes it perfectly comfortable.

Many safety tips center around the bathtub and water dangers, but there are also hidden risks in the shampoo and soap you use. Not only can overusing such products dry out your child’s skin but allowing them to sit for long amounts of time in soapy water can irritate the urethra. In heightened cases, it may cause painful urinary tract infections. Keep your bath time safe and most of all fun by remaining diligent of these occurrences.