January 21, 2019 — By Wendy Sachs

A common new year’s resolution is to be more organized around the home. Here are a few ideas to start the year off right!

Tired of clutter, toys, shoes and clothes all over the place? Invest in a few baskets that can live on your staircase. Each person in the family can have one and you can place random items in the basket that belong to each person. Once a week you have a basket party where items are put where they belong and then you celebrate!!

While many families donate toys and clothes before the holidays- it may be easier to get everyone to go thru items to donate after the holidays. Ask each family member to find something to pass along in exchange for finding a “new home” for each new item received during the holidays.

This is a great month to tackle that junk drawer in the kitchen. Use an empty egg carton to sort small items. Or try an organizer kit from the Container Store.

Go thru your office papers and purge the paperwork you no longer need, old receipts, owner’s manuals, invoices etc. Then get rid of defunct technology like old keyboards, CD’s, iPads and old phones. Many of these items can be recycled – easy to drop off at Staples. Create a filing system for kids artwork and school work. You can use 3 ring binders that are labeled with kids’ names or even these beautiful magazine file holders.

In a narrow closet, try adding another rod so you can double hang things high and low. Another great idea to extend your hanging closet space, is to use a soda can tab. Simply slide it around the top of the hanger and it gives you a place to hang a second hanger. This is a great way to hang outfits for kids as well, to make things faster in the morning.

While many of us rely on digital calendars, it is also a great idea in busy homes to keep a paper calendar that everyone can access. Invest in something that can hang in a central place like the kitchen and take a few minutes this month to write down school dates, reminders to schedule doctor visits, vacations and other important dates. This is also the perfect time to coordinate vacation time with your nanny for the next few months of the year.

Other great ideas to start the year out more organized:

  • Have your knives sharpened
  • Go thru medicine cabinet and toss expired products
  • Throw out make up you no longer use
  • Wash or dry clean curtains and throw pillows
  • Start a memory jar- write down little notes as something fun happens in your daily life and stash in a jar all year. Read the memories together on New Year’s Eve!

Taking some time in January to accomplish some of these tasks can really make a difference for your family!