June 23, 2016 — By Wendy Sachs

Warm weather has arrived, which means new activities, new schedules, and various vacation plans. To help transition into the summer months while maintaining an open line of communication with your employee, here are some tips:

Discuss schedule.

Now that school is out, will the day consists of camp pick up and drop off, or will full day activities need to be planned for children who will not attend camp? Have a meeting to talk about expectations.

Discuss vacations. Are there travel and vacation plans? Do you expect your nanny to travel with you? If so, discuss travel plans, accommodations, and how the schedule may shift. If not, are there times throughout the summer that you will not need help and if so, is this paid time off or do you want your employee to work?

Discuss activities. For childcare employees, will swimming be required as a summer activity? Is the caregiver allowed to take children to local attractions, events, and daily kids’ classes? How will extra activities that have fees get paid, petty cash or reimbursement? Discuss expectations.

Discuss household changes. Will there be any additional household guests such as visiting family members that would cause a shift in job duties or schedule? Will neighborhood friends or classmates visit for playdates throughout the summer differently than the other times of the year?

From all of us at Philadelphia Nanny Network, have a fun, safe and happy summer!