Why Backup ChildCare?

I just want to tell you that your backup childcare service is a literal god send for me and I shared the sentiment with the partners at the firm. Jenna is a super hero and every person who she has booked to care for my daughter has been simply wonderful. You make me a more productive employee with less guilt / shame. More importantly, you have directly improved the care I am able to give to my child during critical times when I am in desperate need of resources. I have had such a wonderful experience with your company – I can not say enough wonderful things about it and I share the sentiment often with anyone who will listen.
Christine M., CPA, parent using backup childcare benefit

Need More Info

Next Steps To Start Backup Childcare Services

Consult with us to create a custom plan for your employees

Educate your employees about the benefit and complete their registration

Employee submits care request to us when backup care need occurs

We book the requested care dates and the employee goes to work

We pay the nanny, invoice the company and productivity increases

Philadelphia Nanny Network's Deep Dive Vetting Process

Leader in Best Practices for caregiver and in-home babysitter vetting

Child care references checked using a 36 question investigation

In-person or video interviews

National/State/county criminal background checks

National Sex Offender Public Website check

Education and past employment verified

Passes International Nanny Association Basic Skills assessment

CPR and first aid certification

What Is Backup Care?

Backup care supports parents during unexpected disruptions, such as emergencies or school closures, to their usual childcare plans. Corporate backup care and emergency childcare is a competitive benefit that many employers are beginning to offer their employees. Corporate backup care helps working parents stay productive and happy while never requiring them to miss work due to a childcare emergency again. Corporate backup caregivers are highly vetted and sourced from a larger network of qualified and experienced nannies and babysitters.

What Is the difference between in-home Backup Care and in-center Backup Care?

In-home backup care implies that a caregiver, such as a nanny or babysitter, comes to the family’s home to look after the child. In contrast, parents can drop off their children at a childcare facility with in-center backup care.

Is it common for employers to provide backup care benefits?

It is becoming more common for employers to offer corporate backup care benefits to their employees and it has become even more prevalent since the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, 9% of employers provided or considered child care subsidies while 7% offered onsite child care services, according to a May 2020 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). However, a recent study from 2018 conducted by SHRM, showed that only 4% of employers provided backup care benefits. As the pandemic disrupted our normal lives and impacted regular childcare, we have seen more employers start offering corporate backup care making it a common employee benefit. 

What is the screening process for backup caregivers?

At Philadelphia Nanny Network, we use a five-step screening process:

  1. First, we conduct a phone screening with the candidate before inviting them for a formal interview. 
  2. Second, the candidate must fill out a detailed application while we verify the candidate against the US Justice Department Sex Offender Registry.
  3. Third, we conduct a thorough interview with the candidate.
  4. Fourth, we verify references, education, and employment through comprehensive conversations.
  5. Last, we work with a private security firm to check the following: Department of Motor Vehicles, National and State Criminal Records, Office of Foreign Assets Control, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and social security trace.

How to become a backup caregiver

To become a backup caregiver, you must fill out an application to determine if  Philadelphia Nanny Network is a good fit for you. Once completed, you will hear back from our team on the status of your application and next steps. 

For more information, visit our FAQ page!

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