Our Nanny Background Check Packages:

Nanny candidates have a variety of child care experience, from nanny or babysitting experience, to daycare center based care, or classroom teaching experience. At Philadelphia Nanny Network, our vetting process is designed with the underpinnings of over 36 years of expertise in screening child care providers. Parents are able to select the screening checks they desire from our extensive menu below. All of our candidates we hire or refer for hire go through this rigorous nanny background check and screening process. The recruiting team at Philadelphia Nanny Network completes the interviews and comprehensive reference checks. Professionals whose expertise is criminal background checking completes that part and national registries are accessed through designated portals for professionals like Philadelphia Nanny Network to compile all pieces of the background check puzzle. See below for a menu of services that parents can use to select the pieces of the vetting process and background checks they desire before hiring a nanny on their own.

Basic Security Check $125

Criminal check, driving record, social security trace

NOTE: Add $100 per name for New York State check

Enhanced Security Check $195

Basic Security Check, all of the above, plus:

Drug Screen, 10 Panel

US Justice Department Sex Offender Registry

PA Child Abuse Clearance

PNN Signature Candidate Check Package $825

Prescreen interview

Full patterned interview with detailed employment and education history

Application completed and reviewed

Job related reference checks (up to 3)

Job related verifications (up to 2)

Other employment verifications (up to 3)

Education verifications (up to 2)

Enhanced Security Check

Pick and Choose Screening Services

Prescreen interview$40

Full patterned interview$125

Full patterned interview with detailed employment and education history$175

Application completed and reviewed$150

Job related reference checks$40 each

Job related verifications$25 each

Other employment verifications$25 each

Education verifications$25 each

Credit check$25

Frequently Asked Questions About Nanny Background Checks

  • How long does it take to get the results of a nanny background check?

It may appear that criminal records are quickly accessible from one central database, but the truth is that it doesn’t work that way. The United States has a decentralized criminal records system, so there’s no one reliable database. For a nanny background check that considers all the pieces, agencies need time to put that together.

After the nanny candidate gives authorization, results to all the different pieces begin to roll in within 24 – 48 hours. Depending on that state for a driving record check or the backlog for the PA Child Abuse Clearance, the full package of results can take 14-21 days. Nanny’s references, education and employment verifications can take a little less time if there is cooperation from other organizations, such as previous employers, schools, and universities.

  • What causes a red flag on a nanny background check?

In order for a background check to be completed, the nanny candidate must give consent to authorize calling references and submitting the information to gather the background check information. If the nanny refuses, that could be a red flag in itself, though we recognize there may be a mitigating reason for reluctance. The nanny background check may reveal dishonesty on the job application, such as a college degree that wasn’t completed or about a previous job. For jobs that require driving, knowing the details of any driving record is crucial. Finally, negative reviews from a previous childcare employer may be a warning sign. This is where Philadelphia Nanny Network shines, gathering the information and sorting through all details to determine legitimate red flags.