What makes PNN stand apart from other agencies?

We’re fast, detailed and have what you need, when you need it.

  • Our unrivaled screening procedures that make us an industry leader
  • Our renowned professionalism
  • Our eminent ability to listen and respond to our employees, candidates and families
  • Our incomparable availability and responsiveness

As you can see from the testimonials on our website, all of these claims are steadily reinforced by client and candidate feedback. We are proud to have earned the trust of families, candidates and employees who say we are the most responsive, caring agency with whom they’ve ever worked. We don’t compromise on any level.

Can I use you only for screening services? Does this mean I can hire my own candidate and your agency will help me with screening?

We recognize that not everyone can do proper screening on their own. It’s often burdensome and time-consuming. It’s also difficult to identify red flags and blind spots. So for clients who find potential candidates through other resources, we offer a DIY option. That means we can do everything from background checking to interviewing to reference checking. We can do our whole screening process on a candidate or any combination of vetting services. Clients who want to thoroughly screen and check a candidate’s background and credentials regularly use us for this service option. If you’re interested in this service, call us!

How do you screen your nannies, sitters and household helpers?

We have a five-step process:

  1. We screen the candidate over the telephone to qualify them for an interview.
  2. The candidate completes a comprehensive six-page application form and we check the US Justice Department Sex Offender Registry.
  3. We meet for an in-depth interview.
  4. We check references. This consists of detailed conversations with former childcare employers, and a verification of education and all other types of employment.
  5. We engage upon hire a private security firm to conduct all the following checks: Department of Motor Vehicles, National and State Criminal Records, Office of Foreign Assets Control, PA Child Abuse Clearance and social security trace.

Can I directly hire a candidate who PNN had introduced to me a long time ago or who had worked for me as a babysitter or as a temporary helper in the past?

No. Whether the individual actually worked for you in the past or you met her for an interview, you remain obligated to compensate PNN for the Application, Registration and Referral Fees should you engage her services for a temporary job, babysitting job or a long term job. Failure to do so may be legally actionable, and could result in your financial liability.

How do I handle if the nanny needs a day off or if they are sick? Is it a requirement or expectation to give a paid day off?

In long term jobs, there should be an agreement about how paid time off is used.  In most compensation packages, there are days that are paid as paid vacation, paid holidays and paid sick/personal time.

As we navigate COVID-19 we never know who or how or when someone will get exposed to the virus.  Because of that we all have to be flexible and understanding.  We recommend to set expectations, that you have an agreement in the beginning.  Paid or unpaid can be dependent on  who is initiating the time off.  For employee’s request: we are seeing up to 3 days per year is  given paid and any more than that, as unpaid.  For employer’s request:  we recommend the employee is paid.  In a pandemic illness cannot be predicted, there may be times when self-quarantine is imperative.

All educators are trained to be able to work virtually if needed.  If the educator has possible exposure, or someone in the family or the share has possible exposure, the position can transition to being fully virtual while everyone isolates.

Please use this link to Best Practices.  CDC recommended practices can be found here.

How long does it take to hire a nanny, sitter or household helper?

For temporary care, almost immediately. For longer temps, a few weeks.  We usually have a pool of screened candidates prepared for placement.

For long term hiring of at least one year, the average range is from three to six weeks—start to finish. With that said, we’ve made placements in as little as one day and some have taken up two months. It all depends on the circumstances unique to the family. We will not compromise our screening quality. Much also depends on how quickly you’re able to work with us. If you return our calls promptly and call the candidates immediately, it will be a shorter process. If you wait several days to return our calls or to contact a candidate, the process will take longer. The important piece we emphasize is to hire the right nanny, sitter or household helper. Many of our clients find the right person within the first few interviews.

In this competitive environment, you need to jump on it.  If you don’t hire the nanny or respond when we reach out to you, she’ll be hired in a MY minute by someone else!

What is your cancellation policy for temporary referrals and as needed babysitters?

For agency fee

Up to $100 of the agency fee is non-refundable should the client cancel for any reason.

For Helper’s Wages

To avoid payment to the helper, prompt cancellation is required. Notice of cancellation must be made directly to the agency by phone or email.

Cancellation with more than 24-hour notice

You will not be obligated to pay the helper if  the job is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice. For Saturday, Sunday or Monday cancellations of a scheduled temp job, the agency must be notified no later than 3 pm the previous Friday.

Cancellation with less than 24-hour notice

Failure to cancel within the prescribed time frame will result in payment to the helper as follows:

  • Minimum of 4 hours of pay for a 1 day or 1 evening temp job
  • Minimum of 6 hours of pay for a day or evening temp job that is more than 1 day

PNN will automatically charge the client’s credit card for the amount owed to the helper, plus a $10 service charge. However, payment to the helper shall be waived if another position for the cancelled dates is secured.

Can I see a comparison of all the pricing for School@Home and for Temporary and Long Term hires?

You can view pricing on the Plans and Pricing Page.  Additionally, here is a summary:

Nanny Educator (single family or nanny share, up to 2 families) – in-person, virtual when necessary:

  • $125 registration fee (per family)
  • $20-30 per hour Educator Pay
  • $26/day for up to 5 hours of care or for 6 hours of care or more, 17% of educator’s compensation for referral fee

Nanny Educator (POD, up to 3 families – PNN Employer) – in-person, virtual when necessary:

  • $125 registration fee (per family)
  • $38/hour (includes agency fee and nanny pay)

Private Educator (single family or nanny share, up to 2 families) – in-person, virtual when necessary:

  • $125 registration fee (per family)
  • $25-30 per hour Educator Pay
  • $26/day for up to 5 hours of care or for 6 hours of care or more, 17% of educator’s compensation for referral fee

Private Educator (POD, up to 3 families – PNN Employer) – in-person, virtual when necessary:

  • $125 registration fee (per family)
  • $55/hour (includes agency fee and nanny pay)

eLearning Aide – virtual

  • $125 registration fee
  • $28/hour (includes ELA pay and agency fee)

Tutor – can be in-person or virtual

  • $125 registration fee
  • $26/day agency fee
  • $50-125/hour tutor pay

Temporary Nanny (single family):

  • $125 registration fee
  • $15-20 per hour for Nanny Pay
  • $24/day for up to 8/5 hours of care or for 9 hours or more, $17% of helper’s compensation

Long Term Nanny (single family):

  • $98 application fee
  • $15-25 per hour for nanny pay
  • 15%, 17% or 18% of 1 year, gross annual compensation for the referral fee, based on the tier of service you select

Long Term Nanny Share

  • $98 application fee each family
  • $15-25 per hour for nanny pay
  • 10%, 11.5% of 1 year, gross annual compensation for the referral fee, based on the tier of service you select

For the School@Home program, can the agency find a fill in if my educator cannot come to work?

Because we are in an unusual set of circumstances with the pandemic, the agency cannot help with the “one-off” fill in.

For a share or a learning pod, does each family pay the full amount posted or is that shared?

The beauty of a share is that the cost is shared.  If the educator is getting $25 per hour, each family is paying $12 per hour.  If the agency fee is $26 per day, each family is paying $13 per day.  If the day is 6 hours or longer, the 17% fee is split between the 2 families.

For the School@Home program, if I share an educator or participate in a Learning Pod, do all the families register with PNN?

Yes! all families who participate in a pod or a share will pay the $125 Annual Registration fee. The extra bonus is that all the families can have access through us to our temporary nannies and babysitters.

For the School@Home program, what is the difference between if I employ the educator or PNN employs the educator?

As the employer, we take care of all the payroll, insurances and tax liabilities. It’s more streamlined. Otherwise, that is left to you and the “share” families. We are happy to accommodate either way.