October 1, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

Having a nanny join your family means you will have security and peace of mind knowing that your nanny will care for your child with love and affection. It is an amazing thing to know that you do not have to race to pick up from a center, that your child has one on one care and that often your nanny can give you the support that every working parent needs.

Considerations of Time
But there are some things to consider and the biggest is the cost of having a nanny. Nanny care is the most expensive option when it comes to childcare. It involves basically becoming a small business. You must apply for a tax ID number and complete payroll paperwork. You will need to spend valuable time to hold evaluations and employee meetings.

Considerations of Money
Aside from the time involved, the money is also a consideration. You will be responsible for an hourly wage and employment taxes on that pay. But there are also some other costs, such as agency fees, bonus and appreciation costs, and potentially the cost of back up care.

Considerations of Value
Right now you may be thinking, WOW! It sounds like a lot to take on. However, while these are real concerns, we like to think of these costs as investments. The true value of nanny care is not just based on the monetary costs but also on the true benefits of nanny care.

A good nanny placement brings you a team member for your family. Instead of juggling between 2 parents, you now have a force of 3. And most nannies bring years of experience to the table. Imagine in your most exasperated moments, a nanny who has been thru it before and can patiently stand next to you and offer true support.

Picture a life where you can walk in the door at the end of the day with kids happily playing and kids laundry done.  Lunches are packed, homework is done, baby is fed and diaper station is stocked. Imagine not having to start dinner because everything is prepped and ready. Imagine knowing that your kids are not in a group setting where germs are spreading and you may get a call that the school is closed because there is an outbreak of a virus. Imagine the ability you have to relax on the weekend because the toys have been sanitized and the playroom is clean. Imagine having an expert in your corner who understands child development, has studied discipline techniques and is well practiced in the care of your newborn.

The true value of having a nanny is the time it gives you to spend with your children. That time you can never get back. It is priceless.

The investment in nanny care is well worth the costs. We can’t wait to help you find a nanny who fits with your family and brings a value to you as a parent that can hardly be measured.