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When you join PNN, you’ll be part of the PNN family—one of the industry’s most highly regarded agencies. In addition to receiving our continuing support, you’ll have flexibility and options, enabling you to create a healthy work-life balance. PNN also offers you fresh experiences in diverse environments. Want opportunities for expanding your knowledge? No problem. Just join our enriching workshops and take your skills to the next level. At PNN, you’ll also enjoy the chance to meet others at our Get-Togethers. Apply today. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Ideal Candidate

Caring, nurturing and trustworthy

Patient, organized and self-motivated

Fun, enthusiastic and flexible

Punctual, reliable and proactive

Respectful, responsible, and communicative


Hourly rate for Substitute and Staff Nannies

Paid Time Off - accrue 1 hour for every 30 hours worked for Substitute and Staff Nannies

Paid holidays for Staff Nannies

Healthcare Support Benefit - free telemedicine & prescription discounts for Substitute and Staff Nannies

Retirement benefits for Substitute and Staff Nannies

Sample Jobs

Substitute Nanny

Now Hiring in PA, DE, NJ, MD, DC, NY

What is a Substitute Nanny? Think of a Substitute Teacher who goes to a different school each day. That's how a Substitute Nanny works. Accept the shifts that work with your schedule.

We are thrilled for you to do this job for 3 months or for years. Our nannies stay with us long term because we offer flexibility to work for multiple months and then take time off and then come back! We understand the need for flexibility for school schedules, other commitments, other work interests. We can accommodate your needs.

Listen to what our Substitute Nannies have said...
“I like the freedom of making the shifts work with my own schedule. It’s very manageable with school.”

"I am having an excellent time working with PNN so far, this has been the perfect summer job for me, I appreciate the flexibility to be able to take days off when I need and I have met so many awesome families."

“Working for the Philadelphia Nanny Network Network and with the team has been amazing, everyone has been so helpful and kind.”

This is a perfect work solution for someone who needs flexibility and control over schedule, can commit at least 3 months and love variety in their work week.

Pay rate is $17 per hour plus see list of benefits
Must have 2 to 5 full weekdays available
Can start as early as 7am and work as late as 7pm. Most days are 8 hours long.
Have childcare experience such as nanny work, day care work, regular babysitting work, with checkable references

Staff Nanny

Now Hiring in Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

In our jobs you can be the Picasso of finger-painting in the morning, a 5-Star chef at a lunchtime specialty of PB&Js and a Disney character by the afternoon. Work in a variety of homes with a variety of children. Work for a company who embraces a work life balance as a Core Value. And, get benefits when working in child care.

We will give you work for a guaranteed 35 hours per week or more (if you want that) and benefits as listed.

As a Staff Nanny, you get assigned to jobs and as you do a great job, families will request you back. Build your network of families through Philadelphia Nanny Network.

We are thrilled for you to do this job for 3 months or for years. Our nannies stay with us long term because we offer flexibility to work for multiple months and then take time off and then come back!

Listen to what our nannies have said...
“The communication is great and I feel that you stand behind your nannies.”

"I’ve worked with PNN for a year now and I’ve never felt more appreciated in my job role and more importantly I found a place where I belong. They truly care about you and your work experience. The job itself is extremely rewarding as well! If you love kids, having fun all day, and getting paid to do it all, this is the job for you!"

“Having a team of people behind me has really boosted my confidence and made me feel great.”

Pay Rate is $18 per hour.
Must be able to start as early as 7am or work as late as 7pm. Most days are 8 hour days.
Must have childcare experience with checkable references. This includes babysitting, nanny work, or work in a daycare center or preschool.