January 1, 2023 — By Wendy Sachs

7 Things to do NOW that will make it a HAPPY new year

  • We now have to admit it is “after the holidays”. You know this is the phrase we utter each fall as we don’t have time for tasks, we will do it after the holidays. The time is now here. So what are some of those things that we can do now that will help us sail thru 2023 with ease and peace.
  • Finish your 2022. Take a few minutes to sit down and send those thank you notes, gather those receipts into an envelope, put away those decorations. As you finish out these tasks, reflect on 2022 and the SUCCESSES that you have had. Look thru those thousands of photos on your phone and enjoy the bright moments of the past year.
  • One thing that happens so often is we promise to get together with friends when things are calmer. But all too often those meet ups, meetings, or dinners get postponed again and again because life is never calmer. Send a few emails to those whom you want to see this year and set a date. Even if it is far in advance, it will help you to actually have those gatherings instead of pushing them off.
  • Get your ducks in a row as a household employer or employee. Put a few dates on the calendar for nanny evaluation, family meetings and stick to them. Making time to check in on this delicate yet super important relationship is crucial. And this is a good time to review payroll taxes, contracts, and other things that we often neglect
  • Organize a closet, your desk or even a drawer. Don’t go crazy, we know that getting this done can be quite the chore. But starting the year with at least one corner of your home in order will feel good and set your intention to keep it organized all year long.
  • Give yourself a day of wellness. After the holidays we can be depleted. It seems like time off work and with the family should be restorative but truly a few cocktails, treats, pressures with family and a hectic pace can push us to the limit. Take at least a day in January to detox, get a massage or sleep in. Have a family pj day where you enjoy extra fruits and veggies and read books and snuggle.
  • Pick a charity for your year. Giving to others is a sure fire way for everyone to have a good year. Pick a cause that you and the whole family can support financially, with good or services or with your time. Find out what they need and schedule it into your year. You will feel better and so will others!