December 1, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

By now, you likely have shopped for your own kids and are ready for that part of the holidays. However, there are all those kids in your life that you may not know as well, friends, nieces/nephews, school mates. Do you need a few ideas? We got them!

(pss…. These make great ideas for your own kids as well!)

Infants under 1

These Goobi Building blocks are fun and colorful and can be used in so many ways! While your baby will be fascinated with the shapes and the ways the pieces connect, older kids will be able to build larger and larger structures.

Here is a shape sorter like you have never seen before. Great for open ended play, this toy also grows with the child. Most of the toys at the AuTuiTui store are amazing!

Kids ages 1 to 4

Retrospec makes this amazing little balance ride on for kids from age 1-2. It has non scratch wheels so it can be used inside or out. Perfectly proportioned so kids can keep both feet on the ground, this is a wonderful active gift.

Stacking Dinosaurs from Fun Little Toys is a sure fire winner. It can be played with open ended, alone or as a family game. Best of all it is great for young kids but will pull in older brothers and sisters as they try to stack higher and higher!

Kids ages 4 to 6

The How to Draw Book for Kids is fun and a great gift along with some drawing pencils and paper. It can keep kids busy, be used in cold winter months and is easy enough for kids as young as 4/5. There are different versions so choose the theme that makes the most sense.

Kids this age love walkie talkies and this is an electronic toy we can get behind! This kit is amazing!  It has a great range and is gender neutral coloring. Easy to use and rechargeable batteries make this a gift that is fun to give.

Older kids age 7 and up

These Sumo Balls are outdoor fun and will be fun for kids and even adults! Fun for the beach or the backyard, they are sure to be used for some friendly competition and laughs.

The National Geographic Geode Kit is science but so much fun the kids won’t notice. It is so fun to crack open these rocks to see the beauty inside.

Family Gifts

Here is one sure fire winner every time – memberships! Now that we are back out going places, a membership to a museum or play space is always appreciated. Art museums, Lego Discovery places, Science museums…. There are so many options. Most institutions will add on to existing memberships if the family already belongs.

You can choose a gift card for a family night out at the theatre! Consider even adding on a gift card for a quick meal before or after the show.

Finally, build your own basket. Take your family out for a day of gathering a few of YOUR favorite things to share with another family. Let kids pick their favorite games, breakfast pastries, toys or whatever you theme. Then you add in your own and five a very personal gift. Possible themes include snacks, breakfast, games, a specific color like all things blue, or even vacation.