September 2, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

It happens to all of us at some point. There is a feeling that overtakes us. The sparkle is missing. We are feeling less than inspired. Often times we feel as though we are going thru the motions and yearn for a time of rest.

Different for Different Folks

Burnout looks different for every person but danger for all is that left unchecked, burnout can cause real problems.

For nannies this time of year can be dangerous for feelings of burnout. You have just spent your summer outside, super busy and active. You often give your all helping kids transition to school, deal with new schedules or activities, you may feel you have nothing left to give. A feeling many may be feeling as well.

What to Do

To give quality care, caregivers need to take care of themselves. Popular advice here always suggests bubble baths and getting a pedicure, which is fine. But to really get to the root of burnout, it’s important to dig a little deeper.

Dig Deeper

Find ways to reignite the fire. For us, doing a little professional development can work wonders. Read a book or take a class that shares new ideas. Consider attending a conference where you can immerse yourself not only in inspiring ideas but also a bunch of other nannies who are excited to do their jobs. That enthusiasm is contagious.

Tackle a new project. Always wanted to learn Spanish so you can speak it with your littles? This is the time to try. Did you watch a show where they organized the playroom like a rainbow? Why not get the kids onboard and go crazy. Diving into something new and fun can pull you out of the mist.

Talk About It

Find someone you can talk to about how you feel. Other nannies have been in this situation, they can be of a great support to you. While this might not be an easy time of year to take a day off, sit down with your employer and see if there is a way to adjust the schedule so that you get a break. Remember too that as a nanny, you do have a great deal of control over how your days are organized. Perhaps you can take an extra walk outside in the mornings or sign up for a class that sounds fun with your little one. Changing the routine can be super helpful. Moving more and being outside also will help.

Employers Can Help

As a nanny employer, how can you help your nanny? Be open to the conversation. It’s hard to take a step back and take a breath when the person who makes your life possible is asking for time off, but try to be open to problem solving and finding ways to support your nanny who is going thru some burnout. Think about ways your favorite employers have made you feel