Our referral program

If you refer a candidate and we hire them for our Elite Nanny Program, or refer them for a long term job, you’ll receive a bonus check. If your referral is successful, we’ll compensate you $75 cash. And, if you refer a family who becomes a client and hires an employee, you’ll receive a $75 cash a well.

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The Ideal Candidate

Caring, nurturing and trustworty

Patient, organized and self-motivated

Fun, enthusiastic and flexible

Punctual, reliable and proactive

Respectful, responsible, and communicative

average compensation

SERVICE Range of Gross Rate


Household Manager$15-30/hour

Family Assistant$15-30/hour


Over Night Nanny$18-30/hour

24 Hour Care Nanny$250-500/24 hour

Newborn Specialist /Doula$25-40/hour

Tutor (1 hour session)$50-150/hour

Homework Helper (1 hour session)$20-50/hour

Housekeeper/Day Cleaner$25-40/hour


Sample Jobs

Full Time Nanny

Baby and Toddler + Dog!

The children are 2 months old and 2 years old and need a nanny because both parents work full time! The schedule is Monday - Friday 8:45am-5pm (3 days ) and 7:30am-6pm (2 days). Duties include full charge child care, transporting the children, fun activities and help with the family dog. This job is long term and starts soon! If interested, contact recruiter@nannyagency.com.

Full Time Nanny

Dr Mom and Dr Dad Hiring in Bryn Mawr

Nanny needed to care for two young children Monday -Friday 7:30am-6:30pm. It's a long day but the compensation is high to reflect that! The nanny best for the job is one who is full of energy, loves to be active with the kids and really enjoys preparing healthy foods. if you are interested in applying to this job, contact recruiter@nannyagency.com.

Part Time Nanny

Wed, Thurs, Fri - 25 Hours

Working parents in Philadelphia (Graduate Hospital area) seeks to hire a part-time nanny for their 3 month old twins. The schedule is 25 hours per week; Wednesday and Thursday 8am-6pm and Friday 8am-1pm. The best nanny for the job is one that has infant experience, would be great if you have twin experience, loves to navigate around the city doing all sorts of fun activities and likes to be out and about with the children, going to parks and playgrounds. The parents would love the nanny to take the twins to all the happenings and activities such as story time etc. No driving is needed for the job; everything is within walking distance, a great job for a non-driver. If you are interested, contact recruiter@nannyagency.com.


Full Time Nanny for Toddler and School-aged Children

Family in Bryn Mawr seeks to hire a full-time nanny to care for two children, 2 and 6 years old. The schedule is 50 hours per week; Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:30pm. Oldest child goes to school full-time and youngest is in school part-time mornings. While children are in school, the nanny will have time to complete light household tasks. The 6-year-old has a peanut allergy and carries an epi-pen so the nanny MUST BE comfortable with this! Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.

Mother’s Helper

Team with Mom Caring for Toddler and Infant

Family in Bryn Mawr is seeking a Mother’s Helper to care for their 2 kids, ages 2 years old and a new born. The schedule would be Monday-Friday from 10:30am-8:30pm. Duties include child care, keeping the children's things tidy, children's laundry, activities with the children and mom and cooking simple and healthy dinners for the family. Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.


Housekeeper Needed for Home On Main Line

Housekeeper needed to clean and do laundry in a 6500 square foot home in Villanova. There are 5 bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half bathrooms. The schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-3pm. A family of 4 lives in the home, 2 school aged kids and the parents. Duties and responsibilities include cleaning the entire home, family laundry, run/empty the dishwasher, iron clothes and help with cooking dinner on occasion (if you like to cook!) The housekeeper who is best for the position is one who has experience cleaning large homes and is meticulous and organized. Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.

Family Assistant

Full Time Job in Chestnut Hill

Family in Chestnut Hill is looking to hire a Family/Household Assistant for two children; a 13 and a 10 year old. Work 30 hours per week, Monday through Friday 12:30pm-6:30pm. Duties include driving children to activities (you’ll be reimbursed for gas), children’s laundry, children's meals, helping with dinner prep and clean up for kids, running errands, grocery shop, tidy the common areas and run/empty dishwasher. Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.


Cook for a Couple Three Days per Week

Couple in need of a cook for 3 times per week, preferably Mon, Tues and Wed. There are 2 people in the home regularly, though sometimes the adult children or house guests are visiting. Must be able to cook healthy, fresh, creative dinners for non-fussy eaters, that would be ready to eat or left to be warmed. This position is for long term with a generous hourly rate. The hours can accommodate the cooks schedule as long as the cooking is during the daytime hours and no later than 6pm ending. Must be able to clean up from cooking! Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.


Full Time Nanny Needed, Parents Full Time Doctors

Full time working parents (both doctors) need a full time nanny in Media. Care is for a 5 year old and a baby just born. The schedule will be Mon-Fri 7:30a-6:30p and Wed 7a-7p for 55 hours per week total. There are rare occasions when they may need the nanny to be flexible to adjust hours slightly, if mom and dad’s call schedule conflict, about 4 times per year. The nanny would be paid extra for the extra hours. The nanny who is best for this job is one who thinks of herself as a professional. They seek a nanny who is full of energy and will be active with their son, someone who can run around and not get exhausted! Contact recruiter@nannyagency.com for more information.