March 1, 2023 — By Wendy Sachs

Imagine you come home from work to your 3 kids are completing homework, dinner is on the stove, the house is on order and everyone is happy to see you. So much better than running to a day care and hoping to get there before 6, driving thru someplace for dinner and a whole host of activities ahead of you to complete (including that exploding laundry basket) before you get to relax.

Having a nanny can add so much value to your family. Not only in what they can give your child in regards to one on one care, less sick days, personal enrichment activities and more. But also in the fact that they can give you time. Nannies will take care of kids laundry, driving to activities, clean bottles and even make baby foods. Many nannies are willing to prep or start simple dinners and help with family organization.

The key is to find the right nanny. We want to share a few things you can do to make the search easier.


It all starts with the job description. Be sure to be honest with what you are looking for. List out all that you hope to have a nanny accomplish during the workday. Nannies are not housekeepers so keep heavy cleaning like bathrooms and mopping floors off the list. Any child related task, however, along with a few other tasks like grocery shopping or easy meal prep are ok on that list. It is a bit of a balancing act because understandably the more you ask a nanny to do, may increase the requested wage.

Then think about the kind of person who will fit into your home as a part of the team. Do you want a self-starter or do you want to direct the day in which case you will need someone who would like more direction.  Do you need a great deal of flexibility or someone who is more comfortable with a set schedule to the days? Think about sense of humor, temperament, casual v more formal. Write down a list and really imagine your dream employee.  We caution, though, to understand that no one is perfect, not even nannies! Identify where you are willing to compromise.

Do a little thinking on your budget. You will be responsible for an hourly wage as well as taxes, workers comp, unemployment and social security for your employee. There are also bonuses and other costs like benefits you will offer and parking, the cost of extra car seats etc.  Our partners at HomePay can be a resource here.  PNN can also employ your nanny for you when the job is temporary or short term.

Knowing all this info before you start your search will save you time and help you find the nanny of your dreams. Having a nanny is an investment, one that can yield a high value for your family. Be prepared and excited about the new adventure you are ready to begin. And don’t forget that we are so excited to be with you every step of the way!