December 1, 2023 — By Wendy Sachs

Tis the season to share your appreciation for the people who make your life easier.  While there is no rule that the end of the year is the time for a nanny bonus, it has become traditional for nanny employers to use this time to say thanks by giving a bonus. This unique form of recognition goes beyond the traditional paycheck, offering a tangible acknowledgment of the invaluable role nannies play in the lives of both children and parents.

Show Appreciation
Embrace the chance to show appreciation for exceptional service, provide motivation and encourage your nanny’s long term commitment. Because it has become industry standard to give a monetary bonus, it helps show your commitment as an employer and recognize the hard work provided all year long. It is often more than just about the money, it is an emotional thank you made tangible.

Nanny and Parent-Employer Relationship
The nanny and employer relationship, does not follow traditional rules of boss/employee. Because a nanny works in the home caring for kids, it is a relationship that is more emotionally based than most. If giving a bonus doesn’t seem quite right, take a minute to consider why. Is the nanny not meeting your expectations?  If not, have you communicated this? It may be time to schedule a check in meeting. Know that if you don’t give a bonus or discuss the state of things; the nanny will undoubtedly wonder what is going on.

Non-Monetary Bonus
If giving a monetary bonus, doesn’t work for you, consider a thoughtful bonus-like gift.  You can share non-monetary things – like airline miles, the use of a vacation home, or extra PTO time.  Any idea that shows above and beyond, will be viewed as a bonus.  “Above and beyond” is a give and take, two-way street in the nanny/employer relationship.  An sort of bonus is always greatly appreciated.

Think Importance of Relationship
Think about it this way, the nanny bonus goes beyond conventional compensation, offering a way for parent-employers to express genuine gratitude for the exceptional care provided by nannies. As a tangible acknowledgment of the vital role caregivers play in the lives of families, the bonus contributes to the creation of positive, lasting relationships. It’s not just about the financial aspect; it’s a meaningful way to recognize, reward, and celebrate the dedication of those who play a crucial role in shaping the well-being of the children.