July 1, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

Did you know we are living in a world where the term revenge travel is a thing? We didn’t either! But the tourist industry coined the term to refer to the massive amount of travel going on now. People are out and about at record numbers as they respond to the lack of travel in the last few “COVID” years.

So, if it is time for you and your family to get back out into the world, what has changed?

Prepare to Test
Well for starters, be prepared to test. Not for knowledge of train schedules or facts about your destination but COVID test. If you are leaving or entering a different country in your travels, you will likely need pre and post trip tests. The rules are different for each destination and also for the US, depending on case levels and other data. Be sure to check in advance and also close to your travel time to know what you need. You may need to plan ahead to get testing.

Mask Safety
You will want to secure masks for travel as the requirements on public transit, air planes, airports and even car services change. It is a good idea for your own safety as well as for others to mask when in enclosed spaces with large groups of people. You can check with the CDC for travel recommendations by destination here- wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices.

Cost Awareness
Be prepared for a certain amount of sticker shock as pricing on airfare and hotels is high now and rising still. Good news is that travel is more flexible than ever with many airlines still offering generous cancellation policies and low or no change fees.

Airbnb and private home rentals are still super popular. This is a wonderful option for families but planning ahead is key. Popular homes are booked solid, way in advance. If you can find something last minute you will not find a deal as in the past, but rather a mark up in price generally.

Driving Ideas
You may want to consider driving to a destination this summer, an excellent option as there are many places nearby worth exploring. Be sure to pack hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and extra masks in the car. It might be smart to designate a travel runner so that the same person goes into stores and restaurants for road needs that will lessen the exposure of everyone. Be sure you have packed with you current insurance cards as well, in case you have to get tested or treated while on the road.

Outdoor Fun
It may just be the time to visit some amazing outdoor locations right here in the U.S. Consider a trip to Glacier Park in Montana or the Catskills in NY. Destinations like these offer lots of outdoor time and fewer crowds. The National Park System has some of the most overlooked natural beauty and many of the parks are an easy drive from the mid-Atlantic. Or consider going to places in the off season – visiting the beach in winter or the desert in summer may seem crazy. But if you can brave the weather you will find joy in seeing a location in a new way and with fewer crowds and perhaps even a bargain or two!