March 5, 2021 — By Wendy Sachs

We have all been using TV more than usual. And while spring is almost here, it is likely you still may need a few days where you can turn it on and feel good. Here are a few shows that make you feel better about the screen.


Sesame Street

You can never go wrong with Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Elmo and friends. Whether they tackle social issues, explain emotions or teach phonics, they do it the best. There is a huge library of episodes available on HBO. But don’t be surprised if your 3 year old just wants to watch a favorite over and over.

Dinosaur Train

The theme song will get stuck in your head. But so will all the amazing Dino facts in this fun take on paleontology. Story lines are simple but fun and the info is incorporated well.


A great way to talk about different countries and cultures, this jet set is fun and friendly for even the youngest viewers.


Netflix and YouTube have this charming set of videos that focus on learning letters and sounds. It is a great way to learn and also maybe pick up some phonics for later on. Fun and colorful makes it a winner.

Peg + Cat

A kid’s show set on a math word problem sounds like a show no kid would watch. But somehow Peg + Cat makes it fun. And everyone loves a good chart!

School Age

Wild Kratts

We will always love this fun show about brothers who love nature. It’s entertaining and not too preachy, and it has a great sense of humor.

Ask the Story Bots

The Bots on Netflix is often called one of the best shows around for kids. Each episode answers a question like “How do eyes work?”  In a fun and unique way. Lots of fun cameos from famous friends too!

Almost every cooking contest on TV

You can start with Cake Boss, or Kids Cooking Championship. Then you move onto the Great British Bake Off. It becomes an obsession for the whole family. Finally you end up watching old episodes of America’s Iron Chef and your kids are asking you to make Octopus ice cream. Ok maybe not, but it might introduce them to the joys of veggie once in a while.

Hopefully this month is filled with outdoor adventures, but just in case, we hope this list helps you feel good about using a screen.