August 2, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

If you have decided to make the investment in time, money and energy to hire a nanny, you want to be sure to hire the best.

Good news, we have been doing this for more than 35 years and we can help guide you. Here are the top traits of the best nannies out there.


1. Effective Communicator

The right nanny for you will be a good communicator. But it is more than just being adept at communication, it is that the nannies communication style matches yours. That means that the nanny will “speak your language”. We all communicate in different ways and styles. So, are you a high tech family with text threads and google calendar sync ups? You want a nanny who comfortably communicates that way. Bullet point type?  You will want a nanny who knows how to keep things short and sweet. But most of all you will want a nanny that can listen as well as share info.

2. Knowledgeable

Super nannies have more than just the basics of changing a diaper or knowing where the park is. Successful nannies understand child development, discipline styles, parenting styles and more. They will know health and safety protocols and continue to learn as new information becomes available.

3. Compassionate

Superior nannies have a deep sense of compassion and empathy for children and often for adults as well. They are warm and know how to build relationships. SO much of the work we do with kids is rooted in the secure, attached relationship between caregiver and child. It is important that a nanny know this and know how to build this connection.

4. Flexible

Life with children and working parents is complicated and every changing. Awesome nannies can roll with the punches and problem solve when needed. Nannies may have to alter plans in an instant and need to always have a plan b. Being flexible doesn’t always mean saying yes to every request an employer may have, but it does mean being able to problem solve to help make everyone happy when possible.

5. Sensible

Fantastic nannies have good judgement. They know when something could be a safety risk. They know when to stand back and let a child try independently. They understand the importance of risk for children also. They make choices that are in the best interest of their employers and their charges. Common sense is crucial.

6. Reliable

As a nanny, people are relying on you in so many ways. Nannies need to be trustworthy and reliable. Children must be able to trust that nanny and employers also need to know that the nanny will be there for work, pickups and will keep little ones safe.

7. Enthusiastic, creative, love of children

A nanny spends up to 10 hours a day with children. To be good at this job, you have to LOVE being with kids. You have to enjoy play, fun, and the everyday joy while being patient and calm during the parts of the day that aren’t so perfect. Your desire to work with children has to be a passion. Some nannies even refer to this feeling as a calling. The nannies who enthusiastically dive into the job are the nannies that spark imagination, engage children and last in a career that can be challenging.