June 5, 2020 — By Wendy Sachs

Camp@Home is an exciting summer program with a different “Around the World” theme each week. Each day will include a craft and a mix of physical and imaginative activities. We are excited to bring camp to your house!

Weekly Themes:

California Coast

Summer Camp Roundup
Desert Digs Swiss Alps
Hiking & Nature Sydney
Outer Space Tokyo

Under the Sea

Here is an example of a daily breakdown, taken from our Sydney week: 

Morning Block One: Animal Movement Game, Aussie Scavenger Hunt

Snack Break

Morning Block Two: Craft Time! Make an Aboriginal Boomerang.


Afternoon Block One – Rest Time: Reading, create a song or skit for the Sydney Opera House

 Afternoon Block Two: Learn how to throw and use your boomerang for games, play Koala Tag.

Amazon supply list needed for the activities (a lot of these you might already have in your house, so you won’t need to purchase them): 

List of supplies