Suggested Pay Rates to Employee - When Parent is the Employer

Special Message - Due to VERY high demand of in-home help, hourly rates may be higher than quoted, for now.


Background and experience determine hourly rates. Simply multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours needed for an estimate of total pay. Average ranges are quoted as gross before taxes are withheld. The parent is the employer unless otherwise noted.

Minimum Hours per Day:

There is a four consecutive hour minimum for day or evening in-home shifts and seven-hour minimum for overnight.


Long term employees are typically offered two weeks paid vacation, a fixed number of paid days for sick and personal time, and pay for six major holidays. Long term is a 52 week per year commitment and the parent is the employer unless otherwise noted.

SERVICE Employee Range of Wage


Household Manager$15-25/hour

Family Assistant$15-25/hour

Temporary Nanny or Babysitter$15-25/hour

Over Night Nanny$20-25/hour

24 Hour Care Nanny$350-400/24 hour

Newborn Specialist /Doula$25-35/hour

Housekeeper/Day Cleaner$25-35/hour


Nanny Educator, Private EducatorSee below - School@Home

Learning Pod Educator (PNN Employed)See below - School@Home

eLearning AideSee below - School@Home

Agency Fees:
Short term / occasional

This service is for occasional babysitting, back up care, gap and supplemental help. The parent is the employer unless otherwise noted.

Annual Registration Fee $125

Renewal $75

Basic and Specialty Requests:

Basic Needs (up to 3 children)$22 per day

Basic Needs (4 + children)$26 per day

Surcharge for Same Day/Next Day$4 per day

Surcharge for Peak Dates (school breaks, high demand)$12 per day

Surcharge for Holidays, Holiday Weekends$23 per day

Surcharge Severe Weather$50 per day

NYC: Basic Needs (up to 3 children)$35/hour (includes nanny pay)

NYC: Basic Needs (4 + children)$40/hour (includes nanny pay)

NYC: Hotel Sitting Rate or Single Use$50/hour (includes nanny pay)

Overnight or 24 Hour Care$45 per day

Newborn Specialist or Doula$45 per day

Hotel Sitting (no registration fee)$40 per day

Group and Event CareCall

Camp@Home Summer Buddy ShareSee below

School@HomeSee below

Agency Fees: School@Home

Nanny Educators, Private Educators, eLearning Aides, Tutors and Learning Pods

Direct Hire - Parent is the employer.
Nanny Educator - in-person, single family or a "share", 4 hour minimum/day, 4 weeks minimum booking block
Private Educator- in-person, single family or a "share", 4 hour minimum/day, 4 weeks minimum booking block
Tutor- in-person or virtual, single student, 1 hour minimum/day, 4 weeks minimum booking block

Agency Employed - Philadelphia Nanny Network is the employer.
Learning Pod Nanny Educator or Private Educator - in-person, multiple families, 4 hour minimum/day, 4 weeks minimum booking block
eLearning Aide - virtual, single student, 2 hour minimum/day, 4 weeks minimum booking block

Direct - Nanny or Private Educator - Agency Fee$26/day up to 5 hour days, =>6 hour days 17% gross paid

Direct - Nanny Educator - Wage Rate$20-30/hour (average)

Direct - Private Educator - Wage Rate$25-35/hour (average)

Direct - Tutor - Agency Fee$26/day

Direct - Tutor - Wage Rate$50-125/hour

Learning Pod - Nanny Educator$38/hour (includes Nanny Educator pay)

Learning Pod - Private Educator$55/hour (includes Private Educator pay)

eLearning Aide - hourly$28/hour (includes eLearning Aide pay)

eLearning Aide - set of 6 hours$162 (includes eLearning Aide pay)

eLearning Aide - set of 18 hours$468 (includes eLearning Aide pay)

eLearning Aide - set of 36 hours$900 (includes eLearning Aide pay)

Agency Fees:
Camp@Home Summer Buddy Share

COVID-19 continues to present challenges to summer plans. Our solution in 2020 worked! For a safe, social, structured, affordable, fun summer that allows parents dedicated time for work, Camp@Home continues into 2021.

Checking all the boxes – safe, social, structured, affordable and fun, we created Camp@Home. The program spans June 14 - August 20 and we can customize time block up to 10 weeks.

Program Details:
In home, in person
Full summer - 9 or 10 week program, 9 weeks June 14 - August 13 or 10 weeks June 14 - August 20
Partial summer - choose any number of weeks, customize the number of weeks desired
Monday – Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm, 35 hours per week

Below, for a better understanding of the cost, we broke down from the fee into full, into weekly and hourly for better context if comparing to other options.
Fees include agency fee and payroll for your Summer Buddy along with all associated payroll costs and insurances.
Fees are per family.
Fees are paid for the full number of weeks booked. 9 or 10 week bookings can be made in 2 payments (second payment is due July 5).
Fees are due before start date.

Registration Fee (waived for current clients) $125

Fee for 9 week program - each family full cost: agency fee + Summer Buddy$5197.50 - (includes Summer Buddy pay)

Fee breaks down to be- each family weekly cost: agency fee + Summer Buddy$577.50 per week - (includes Summer Buddy pay)

Fee breaks down to be - each family hourly cost: agency fee + Summer Buddy$16.50 per hour - (includes Summer Buddy pay)

Agency Fees:
Short Term / Ongoing

This service is for employers who require a temporary household helper and want to retain only one person—not different individual helpers. They may be certain about the schedule of hours needed, but uncertain as to how many weeks or months they will need the particular helper. We can assign the same person to fit your needs, and customize the term and total fee to accommodate your schedule. These fees do not include School@Home.

Renewal $75

For up to 8.5 hours/work day$24 per day

For 9 hours or more/work day17% of wages

Annual Registration Fee $125

Agency Fees:
Long Term

This service is for a minimum of one year or longer for full time or part time, at least 16 hours per week. Payment is paid in full or can be paid in 3 parts, 60% upon hire, 2nd payment at month 3 and balance paid at month 6. The parent is the employer. Nanny shares are available, come with your "family partner" and we will do the rest!

Application Fee $200

Return Clients $150

Select from 3 levels of long term service:

Services & benefits included: Essential Premium Platinum

Live-in candidates

Live-out candidates

Screened, interviewed, referenced checked by PNN staff

Criminal (national and state), driving record check

Social security number trace and PA Child Abuse Clearance

US Justice Department Sex Offender Registry

INA Basic Skills Assessment

By phone or email, ongoing support and advice on industry standards, proper employment protocol, employee management issues, specific case scenarios

1 hour



Days guarantee replacement period

90 days

180 days

180 days

Education verified

Employment verified

Waive annual registration fee for temp

Gift Certificate for a free evening of babysitting. Babysitter paid by PNN. (non-holiday weekend)

Days of backup care, priority queue**

up to 5 (surcharges apply)

up to 8 (surcharges apply)

Babysitting Saturday evening (non-holiday)

up to 2 dates

up to 2 dates

Active recruiting for your job description

Assistance with completing Employment Agreement

Professionally drafted Confidentiality Agreement

Application Fee (non-refundable)




Agency Fee (based on the employee's total gross annual compensation)


17% (most popular)


Nanny Share - each family receives a discount

10% (most popular)


Not Available

Minimum Fee