November 1, 2022 — By Wendy Sachs

It’s so hard- this season is supposed to be fun and joyful but often we feel overwhelmed with long to do lists and never ending stress. Let’s think of some simple ways to make things easier so you can spend more time with the kids enjoying the magic of the holidays!

Quick Catering
 If there was every a time to let someone else do the heavy lifting, it is now. Especially for some of the meals. Why not try some simple catering options instead of cooking. Many quick service places like Qdoba and Panera offer up catered meals with almost no pre planning. Obviously you want to cook for the main meals but giving yourself a break for family lunch or when house guests are around can make a huge difference.

Ship Before Travel
If you are traveling this season, embrace the idea of shipping ahead. No one wants to lug around a lot of bags thru an airport, to a rental car etc… Pack up a box with some of the kids gear, diapers, and extra clothes and ship ahead to Aunt Susie’s house. You will be so happy and you won’t forget anything!

Wish List For Sharing
Amazon wish lists for the win! Everyone is going to ask what your kids want this season. Spend a few minutes with them and build an Amazon wish list so you can share with all the family and friends. This is also something you can ask your nanny to help with. Nanny may even have some suggestions of educational items that would make great gifts for the kids that have everything. You can also make a running list of gifts for others. Start a private list of gifts you want to buy for others. Then when the time is right- everything is right there ready to purchase!

Hot Glue + Candy
Buy some extra candy for eating and just hot glue that gingerbread house together. You will save yourself some hours and loads of frustration and no one wants to eat the house anyway.

Case of  “Stand By” Wine
Buy a case of reasonably priced wine and keep it handy. You have the perfect grab and go gift for parties, unexpected guests, and so many other moments this season.

Snap An Organizing Pic
As you unpack holiday decorations this year, snap a quick pic of each bin so you remember how to put things away easily. This method makes it easy to have kids help put things away! Show them the photos and make it a game.

Craft Paper Table Covers
Cover your tables with brown craft paper instead of table cloths. Give the kids (and adults!) some crayons and layer the table with white candles and some greenery. Classy, interactive and ultimately the easiest to clean up ever!

Container + Tape + Recipe
For big holiday feasts, get some inexpensive plastic containers, tape and your recipes. The days before you can chop and prep, pre measure ingredients and layer things into the containers in the order you add items. Tape the recipe to the container and the next morning you have everything ready to rock. It makes it easier to accept help from others as well!