September 20, 2017 — By Wendy Sachs

The promise of a lollipop at the end of a trip to the doctor isn’t always enough to calm your children’s fears of attending an office visit. The possibility of shots, having blood drawn, or teeth pulled is a lot for kids to cope with, especially when done by an adult they’re unfamiliar with. With these suggestions, fears of medical or dental appointments can be appeased, making the task of keeping your children healthy much less frantic.

One method to alleviate your kids into familiarity with doctors is by role-playing around the house. Try playing with a toy doctor kit or reading children’s books focused on visits to the pediatrician, such as The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor. Many television shows likewise explore this theme. After exposing kids to physicians in the home environment, it should make the idea of visiting them less threatening.

When at the pediatrician’s office, it’s always suggested to remain with your child. If you appear calm and collected, their fears will lessen. Additionally, parents or caregivers should never be afraid to speak up to doctors or nurses and ask them to communicate in child-friendly language to keep your kids in the loop of the conversation. If the examination is laid out and explained ahead of time to the child, the child knows what to expect.

There’s lastly nothing better than a bit of comfort and affection. Having children sit on your lap or rubbing their backs during any procedures or exams reminds them that you are right there with them. This way, they will never feel alone and your presence shows them that they have nothing to fear.